Meet the team

Sheena Halpin-Williams

Responsible Individual

Hello, I’m Sheena. I begun my journey in Health and Social Care back in 2009. I have worked in numerous roles within Health and Social Care, and I have worked towards and completed my vocational qualifications. Before starting my career in Health and Social Care, I worked in childcare as a Learning Support Assistant. Health and Social Care soon became more than a job to me, it became my passion, especially since supporting family members during their care needs and their end-of-life needs. Doing this made me realise the importance of care and I became driven with establishing Quayside Care. I am a fluent Welsh speaker, and I was educated through the Welsh medium at Ysgol Y Preseli.

Elizabeth Halpin-Williams

Registered Manager

Hi, I’m Liz. My journey in Health and Social Care begun back in 2010 where I worked part time in Health and Social Care alongside my full-time job at the Bank. I soon discovered that the Bank wasn’t for me, but Health and Social Care was, so I left the bank and started working full time within Health and Social Care. Along the way, I have completed all vocational qualifications. Having cared for my mum alongside working in Health and Social Care, I became passionate about establishing Quayside Care. 

Darren Pearce

Care Worker

Hi, I’m Darren, I’ve been working in the care sector for a few years now and I have to admit it’s the best career move I’ve made, after working in retail for 16 years I found myself thrown into becoming a full time carer for my mum who became seriously ill with sepsis which put her into a medically induced coma for 8 weeks which resulted in her losing all abilities to walk talk and eat …. after finding myself taking on the role as my mum’s full time care giver and helping her back to some sort of normality I decided that this career choice was for me, for me there is no greater feeling than knowing I’m helping and making a difference to someone’s life.

Alicia Mountford

Care Worker

Hi I’m Alicia. I’m a working mum of 3. I like spending time with my children living our life to the full, After spending many years working in a hotel I felt like something was missing in my life ….. then one day a friend said they had started a role within the care sector and that I should give it a go so I plucked up the courage and I’m so very glad I did …… a year later I’m still here still doing the job I love, knowing that everyday I’m making a difference to someone in need, there is no other job as rewarding as this and every day I thank the stars that I made that choice to become a care giver.

Naiomi Smith

Care Worker
Hi, I’m Naiomi also known as Granny Smith. I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3 and have 2 dogs. I started working in care over 30 years ago, but I was always involved in care growing up, because my parents owned, and run a care home on the outskirts of St Clears. Helping others is very rewarding, and I will always help in any way that I can. I cannot imagine not working in care because care is what I am passionate about.

Reggie, Delilah, Coco, and Tiger


We are sorry in advance if you can hear us in the background, but as four furry mascots for Quayside Care, we are simply showing our support.